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OpenMu Old school

You can try also our Old School server - OpenMu 
Season 3 Episode 1 Fun server,  8 year without restart ( wipe ) . 
Super fun PVP server, for old version lovers :)


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About wrong fonts

For the users who have problem with fonts and symbols in game
Please copy
 ARIALUNI.TTF file from client folder and paste it in C:/Windows/Fonts


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WildMu Season XII Grand Opening!

WildMu MuOnline Season 12Ep2 opening at 5. May 18:00 (GMT+2)

Server made for true mu online max style fans, fast level ups (exp: x9999), fast resets,
 easy to get best gear, to start PVP and participate in guild wars and PVP events!
Get maxed fast and to free mu online world from evil bosses which will bring best loot!
If this settings interest you, this server is for YOU!
Join the grand opening at 5. May!

New character grow lancer, new skills, maps new muun pets and more!
Exp: x99999999999, MExp: x9999, Drop: 75%,  PPL: 20/20/20, 

Come and find more by yourself!

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