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    Top 100 Mu Online sites

    Top 100 Mu Online sites

    Top MU Online Sites

    Free Private MU Online Servers

    Vote on the Mu Online Top 200
    Gaming top 100

    Buy Credits
    Get Credits

    How to get credits for WildMu Web Shop ? 

    For International (PayPal) CLICK HERE
    For International (WesternUnion) CLICK HERE

    How to get credits with SMS

    Now have SMS Services for 68 Countries !

    Type your Account:
    Choose your Country:
    Choose the price:

    Send SMS on number: 1092 with text: wildmu Account Name Here
    and you will get
    700 credits.

    All credits will be added 1 minute after sending the SMS.

    Addition Information: ONLY FOR NETHERLANDS:
    Je hebt gekocht voor 1,50 EUR (eenmalig). Meer info?:,

      Status: Online
      Active Today:1,427

    WildMu MAXX
    Version: Season 7 Ep1
    Experience: 9999999999x
    Drop Rate: MAXXX
    Jewels Rate: MAXXX
    Max Stats: 65535
    Max level: 1000 !
    Level Res: 400 !
    Box in shop: +1,2,3,4,5,6 !
    F.O Items in : SHOP !
    WildMu servers:


    Devil Square
    Blood Castle
    Golden Invasion
    Dragon Invasion
    Chaos Castle
    White Wizard Invasion
    CryWolf Defense
    Kalima Kundun
    Halloween Event
    Happy Hour Event
    Erihom Event
    Mystical Soldier Event
    Carnage Event
    Skeleton King Attack
      Kanturu Event

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